I received a letter from U.S. Claims Services saying that money was owed to me........


A must read if you received a letter from this firm

First of all, I was a little bit leary receiving a letter that says I have $872.00 owed to me, I immediately assumed it was a scam because they were asking for a fee.  

Apparently I lost some money that I had with Wells Fargo from a few years ago.  My first impulse was to call Wells fargo which told me that they no longer had the money. 

I then decided to check out U.S. Claims Services, much to my surprise not only did they answer the phone but they answered all my questions.  They also pointed me to their website where I checked out all of their licensing information so I could check them out. They are definitely legit.     www.usclaimsservices.com 

Still, I wanted to know about the fee and why I had to pay to get my money back.  They explained that it takes a lot of time and money to track the people down and they have to charge something to keep the lights on.  Also, they reminded me that this money had been sitting there for a number of years and if not for them spending the time and money to track me down who knows how long it would of sat there for. They only charge a fee if they are successful in recovering the funds.l   I'll admit I was gung ho about trying to screw them out of their fee  and trying to find it on my own.   

Where is the money located? 

Anyway to make a long story short, they told me the money was being held by HUD (Housing Urban Development) I thought about stiffing them for a moment but I felt such a tremendous amount of guilt that i gladly signed up for the service, and am =I ever glad that I did.   The whole thing took about 60 days to get my check.  The best is yet to come........  

The crazy thing is, they enrolled me in this "mymoneymonitor" thing to get my claim status updates on rthe $872.00, well it asked for some more basic info, so they knew where to look and find me more money.  I answered the questions, and then about a month later they contacted me about additional money that they found.... Apparently I had left $152.00 through my county treasury from overpaid taxes when I sold my last home. I dont know how they do it but thanks!!!!   

Just wanted to say Thanks U.S Claims Services!!!